As a Director of Land Acquisition at Scout Land Consultants, Lawton is known for his ability to forge mutually beneficial partnerships between landowners and developers, ensuring the successful alignment of interests. He shares his knowledge through insightful articles that demystify the land development process. And his practical approach, combined with his in-depth industry knowledge, makes him a go-to resource for anyone seeking to make a meaningful contribution to the renewable energy landscape.

As a Director of Land Acquisition, Jason has established a solid foundation of providing service with excellence to his clients since 2018. Leveraging over two decades of experience in sales management, Jason has helped landowners negotiate over 200 lease agreements in 14 states. In addition to being one of the most seasoned members of the team, Jason is a proud father and husband, and a die-hard Indiana Hoosiers fan.

As a Director of Land Acquisition at Scout Land Consultants, Clay has established himself as a trusted advisor for landowners seeking to navigate the complexities of land leasing. His strategic insight, coupled with an in-depth understanding of the renewable energy landscape, has enabled Clay to negotiate and close multiple successful deals between landowners and trusted developers. Through his knowledgable and perceptive articles, Clay is committed to bridging the gap between landowners and land developers.

As the VP of Land Acquisition for Scout Land Consultants, Clark is able to spend time working hands-on in two fields that are near and dear to him: Real Estate and Renewable Energy.