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Jason Bledsoe

Pennsylvania Land Acquisition Director

(717) 616-2362

Jason Bledsoe

Pennsylvania Land Acquisition Director

(717) 616-2362

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Let’s discuss Solar for Pennsylvania Landowners like you.

Did you know that solar farm developers may want to lease your land? Hear from the CEO of Scout Land Consultants to see if your land may be a good match.

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What Makes Pennsylvania a Special Place for Solar Projects?

Three separate community solar bills have been introduced within the past year. “For Pennsylvania, it’s not a question of if, it’s a matter of when,” according to Jason Bledsoe, Scout Land Consultants’ Pennsylvania Director of Land Acquisition.

“Rising costs and energy bills are very real here in Pennsylvania, and we must help find creative solutions to maintain reasonable utility costs. Community solar will include another option to further develop a diverse energy portfolio in Pennsylvania, leading us to a brighter and cost-efficient energy future.”
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Rosemary Brown


Our Process

We evaluate your property for free to determine the type of solar farm your land could accommodate.

Suitable Power Lines

Substations Nearby

No Floodplains or Wetlands

Minimal Slope or Topography

Is Your Pennsylvania Property The Right Fit For Solar?

Leasing your unused acres to solar developers allows you to generate extra monthly income, all while contributing to the renewable energy revolution that is working towards cleaner air and water.