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Key Questions for Evaluating Solar Developers

As the solar market continues to swiftly mature, it can be difficult to know which development companies to trust. With the competition growing, solar developers are flocking to find viable land for solar projects, and landowners are receiving more solicitations than ever. As a landowner, how do you know the developer who’s contacted you is someone you would want to work with for the next 20 to 40 years? Or is someone who is able to get your land developed at all? All of these considerations make moving forward with a developer partner more complicated and often more daunting.

In this video, Scout Land Consultants’ Director of Land Acquisition, Peter Mazeine addresses this concern by providing signs of a capable developer, supplying the right questions to ask, and offering personal insight through discussing the solar lease he had on his own land.

Here at Scout Land Consultants we have worked with multiple developers over the years, so we understand the importance of finding the right match, and how much of an impact a healthy landowner-developer relationship has on the development process. This is a partnership, so if you think your land could be viable for solar development, contact our team to be paired with one of the many qualified solar developers within our network!

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