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Understanding Battery Energy Storage Systems: A Comprehensive Overview

The battery energy storage system (BESS) market is growing alongside the demand for solar panels, as the need to effectively and efficiently store clean energy is on the rise. Many solar development companies and local utilities are beginning to see the importance of energy storage systems and what role they will play in the future of making clean energy as readily available and efficient as possible. In this video, Clark Merritt, Scout Land Consultants’ VP of Land Acquisition, answers the most common inquiries about battery storage, including a concise explanation of BESS, its operational principles, and the growing demand for it within the energy storage sector.

As Clark mentioned, the criteria for appropriate land for energy storage are considerably more flexible compared to those for solar farms, meaning many more landowners have the opportunity to leverage the value of their land and take part in the clean energy movement. To learn more about battery storage click here, and to find out if your land is right for a battery energy storage system, a solar farm, or both, complete our solar quiz or reach out to us today!

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